um hell yes david cook won!! i just updated you because i know you care so much. i am way more excited about it than anyone should be. and lizz made me a sweet new facebook profile pic because she is AMAZING!!!!

ok seriously the end of american idol talk. unless you start it first. then, by law, i have to keep up the topic.
ok i am a BIG loser and am obsessing over american idol... like every year. but anyways, tonight we find out who won and i can't stop thinking about it! anyone else watch?? i am on team cook. david archuleta is boooooring and does the same thing every week. but he IS a good singer, i'll give him that. he will probly win because he has the little girl vote. dang. ok i will stop... for now!

summer is here and i like it. i am kinda lonely but work starts soon and that will be neat. no lizzy to work with this summer, LAME.

i had a weird moment last week when i was kind of upset and needed to vent and the first person i called was my mom. i get along pretty well with my mom, but she's never really been the person i wanted to call and cry to. but in the past few years we have gotten very close so i guess maybe it was a natural progression. i hope living at home again doesn't cause our relationship to move backwards. ugh i hate that i graduated college just to come live at home again. but PT school isn't cheap and it's less than a mile away from my house so i don't really have a choice i guess.

ok well that's all i got right now. only 7.25 hours til american idol finale wooo!!

p.s. fraz informed me that the faint is coming in august and it basically made my summer so far, i am so excited!!!
irreplaceable beauty 03-14-08 13:52
the current exciting news in my life is...

there were TWO DAYS this week that i didn't have to wear a coat to class. "big deal," you say, but in nebraska that's a beacon of hope.

that's really about all i wanted to say.
whoever made finals week last until four days before christmas is lame. it was neat to start a week later but now it blows. one more final and i'm done, thank god. one semester left until the real world, which hopefully involves physical therapy school. even more hopefully at unmc with my lover where we can take physiology together yessssss. i just love my name twin, she is best (friend) ever. dr. du knows what's up.

this is why i don't post... my life is sooooo boring. i need to spice it up somehow. any suggestions?

i am loving everything about fall break and i don't want to go back. class blows, walking in the cold blows, everything blows. boooo school. i have one big thing to potentially look forward to at the end of the semester... i'll keep my fingers crossed.

mimi nae on monday and tumbling on tuesday... hell yes.
man. i have been working on this paper for native american history for like 2 hours tonight. and a few hours last night. and last week. and im STILL not done. it's only three pages!! haha i have extreme writer's block. it's not even hard. i mostly don't want to do it. so i will take a break for elowel.

it's pretty much friday. which kicks ass. after this stupid paper, i don't have much to worry about til my indigenous ppls test next week. and lizzy has NOTHING (haha) so that means more fun for me :-D

life got exciting for about a day, but then the novelty wore off. and i'm back to bored. fall break will be just what i need. i need to see lemon and i need to tumble. i also need to see my kiddies from work. they will boost my spirits.

i decided today that i really miss summer, a lot. i know work stressed me at the time, but it was nice to have that as my only responsibility. work didn't carry over into the rest of my life like homework and studying does. i hate feeling so tied down to school. haha, i know there's no other option really but i can whine, can't i? i miss tumbling and ballet and i miss driving my car. i miss the hotness and i miss swimming with lizzy at the lake. i miss going out of town every weekend. i miss caffeine dreams. i miss shopping and swimming with lemon. i miss the drama-free life. and i miss mimi nae. le sigh.

i really and truly enjoy my circle of friends but sometimes i wish i wasn't so absorbed with them. i think it would be healthy for me to branch out and meet new people, but i'm so accustomed to the boys that new situations like that make me a bit nervous. that and i'm picky. even with friends. i dont know. i need something new in my life but im too afraid to go out and find it.

ah well, i suppose i better finish so i can play some dr. mario.
you're not my man, boy 09-20-06 21:30

my life is boring.


it sounds so sweet 09-06-06 22:31
im so over it. fuck off.

sooooo im just about ready to quit school, who's with me?

and scarlett johansson... not hot. in fact, i think i might hate her.
whew... life is catching up to me. i am more tired than i have been in a long time. hopefully it's just the combination of work and tumbling, both of which will be over shortly. i need a break.

so.. school in 2 weeks. i don't know how i feel about that. i'm excited to move back to lincoln. class, not so much. my goal is to have a drama-free school year... or as close to it as possible. that shit is annoying.

my brother was in town this weekend. i went with him and his wife to old chicago for drinks. weird. jess was pretty tipsy, which was funny. but then she got cranky. not funny.

things are indeed developing. it's a little scary, a little exciting... mostly exciting. here's hoping it all works out, i don't really want to have a repeat from last summer.
i went to a pow wow on friday, it was absolutely amazing. native american culture intrigues me so much. what a shame it's dying out.

i guess that's about all that's on my mind....
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